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Product Description

Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel is made from pure herbs and has no side effects, usually it can help lose 10 to 15 lbs in a month naturally and gradually.
The pure herbal formula contains Xianxian Cao 21%, Jobstears 18%, Artemisia Dracunculua 12%, Psyllium Husk 19%, Bamboo Shoot 16%, Lotus leaf 14%, etc. The main ingredient Xianxian cao in the pills can increase the calorie consumption and accelerate fat decomposition and combustion effectively. Meizitang solves the subcutaneous fat, pericardial fat, and other fundamental problems of obesity.
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Customers Reviews

5 Stars ( Total 44 Reviews)
result good! by Teresa Parker
I highly recommend this Meizitang diet pills to everyone who wants to burn fat and lose weight. So far I have lost 11 lbs and my stomach looks much flatter. I’m taking the pills in combination with some aerobic exercises, and the result is just great!

Happy with the pills by Kimberly Howard
I have been using meizitang botanical slimming pills for about 30 days and I’m quite happy with it. I have felt a sense of well being in the very first week, and my looking actually improved a lot too.

Wanna add dosage by Karen Peters
I’ve been taking mizitang soft gels for some time, they do curb appetite but I still have cravings for snack sometimes, I’m considering to add the dose to 2….

Very happy by Alberta Curry
Got changes, more frequent and softer movements, very excited, I will update the result after finishing the bottle!

It works good by Theresa Anderson
The Meizitang pills work good, I lost 14 kilograms in 3 months so Im very glad to recommend it, make sure you eat after taking them, otherwise you may not feel good

Amazing by Nicole Neal
Love them, they are really amazing pills that worth strongly recommendation, I used to be size 12 and weighed 78kgs but now I weigh 57kgs and size 4! All friends say that I look pretty good! It is really a wonderful thing to have lighter weight LOL

 by Shari Spencer
Been taking them for 3 days and they seem to be working as i don't eat much and mouth is dry and i get full quicker

Meizitang is great by Charlotte Torres
Meizitang is great, they are working amazingly for me all my baby fat will follow me for years has gone! I didn’t do exercise, what i do is take the pills and have diet, the first 2 days i have some side effect such as fast heart rate and extremely thirsty but everything is back to normal in the next days, I love them and I've posted it on some forum to encourage people to try this product lol

 by Elena Rios
my appetite is decreased but not to the point whee i don't wanna to eat at all so i follow the suggestion to take 3 balanced meal at regular time, as of today, i have lost 14 lbs in total and i feel good everyday :)))

Great by Celia Schneider
I was 60kg but i gained all the way to 82kgs last two years :( i started using meizitang pills as it was recommended by a friend who had lost a lot with it, i lost 3 pounds in 4 days so far which motivate me a lot! Hopefully i can go back to 60kgs :)

LOVE IT by Penny French
I lost an amazing 6kgs! i've never lost weight so quickly and i feel fine with only dry mouth problem! I will stick to it, fingers crossed i can lose another 6kgs LOL

works on me  by Angel Barker
I feel so much better and good about myself now after losing 15lbs lol, i am so lucky that meizitang works on me LOL

good by Jacquelyn Guzman
Since taking meizitang, im never hungry, of course i still eat 3 meals as i think it will be good for health and weight loss

recommend it by Amy Payne
I've lost 20 pounds using Meizitang and now i am taking it one pill every 3 days to consolidate the effect, good product and worth recommendation

3.5kgs is gone by Mercedes Cummings
I have no time for exercise so i take meizitang under my friend’s recommendation, i am on it 3 weeks and 3.5kgs is gone, i am very satisfied with the effect

i love the pills by Genevieve Hart
I started taking meizitang 10 days ago and already i've had people notice a difference in my appearance, the pills work great as from the first day, my appetite is completely gone but it also carried side effects that my throat is too dry, i even felt it was hard to swallow, i drink more and more water the next days and the uncomfortable feeling has disappeared, i love the pills so far

 by Kelli Watts
Meizitang is working for me, i have no appetite and have to force myself to eat and the food really doesn't taste as good, i am also taking my dog for about half an hour walking

I checked all the marks and very happy to find they are the original one, thank you!

effective product by Patti Riley
Thanks for your effective product, this pills help me and i am very happy about the results of losing 16lbs in 9 weeks

 by Thelma Ingram
I've now been on the pills a month and I've lost 13lbs! was 188 now 175! I think this stuff is great and worth my recommendation, they work quickly, i have not been hungry at all and sometimes i even have to force myself to eat, i don't have noticeable side effect, dry mouth is solved by taking water :)

Real product by Darlene Carpenter
The pills are original, i recommend this seller

Meizitang works great by Yvonne Mcbride
Meizitang works great i lost 14lbs in a month, i have breathing issues at the first two days but the problem had disappeared later, don't know why but i feel good now with only dry mouth side effect, i love it and have recommended it to many of friends when they're asking my way for weight loss lol

i have lost 3.5kgs by Mindy Porter
It is 3 weeks and i have lost 3.5kgs, i am so glad i can have changes in such a short period, meizitang soft gel is really good

 by Lauren Copeland
I started 2 months ago, as of today, i have lost 2 stones!!! Great product! i have smaller appetite and don't feel hungry, i do have dry mouth if i don't take enough water

very positive experience by Betty Banks
I have very positive experience with meizitang pills

 by Betty Walton
After taking the pills, i have noticed that I've been snacking less! This is really great as snacking is what kills me! Great!

I love meizitang by Wendy Sanchez
I love meizitang, i don't have cravings and the pounds are just gone! I feel great without side effects except dry mouth, i take a lot of water which helps

lose weight by Meredith Dennis
I has absolutely no time to go to the gym so i am so happy meizitang pills can let me drop weight without doing exercises, i have been taking them for 2 weeks and 3kgs is lost, i hope the effect will keep going

i love them by Jana Nichols
A month gone taking meizitang and 2 times workout per week, 14 lbs lost so far, thank you so much for original product, i love them

 by Helen Abbott
I've been taking meizitang for over a month now and i did lose weight, the weight was 81kgs and now i am at 74kgs, awesome pills

Great by Cheryl Copeland
Meizitang is the product i have lost weight with and as of today, i have lost 7kgs, i have had NO side effect and i can't feel better to know that i am losing weight =)

 by Jane Rice
I feel great without side effects and i have lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks, Meizitang pills are wonderful

 by Nina Gilbert
I have zero appetite after taking meizitang and the main reason that i was fat was because i can't stop eating! Now i can't be happier i can stop snacks, i have dry mouth so i took 3 small meals everyday and a plenty of water

 by Miranda Roberson
i just got my parcel, thank you! I took meizitang a few years ago and i lost a lo of weight so im hoping to get the same results this time, fingers crossed..

I recommend it! by Billie Cruz
My sister heard about this from some that lost 20 or so pounds in 2 months so she told me this, i bought it and started taking the pills soon after getting it, as of today, i have just finished 36 days supply and i have lost 12 pounds! I am so happy! This stuff really works! I have about 7 times workout and i eat healthily but i know the pills has helped a lot, i love it and def recommend it!

This product is amazing! by Misty Daniel
This product is amazing! I have told many friends about its great results, i was 167 but now i am only 127, Meizitang pills help me reduce the weight with no side effect

i love them by Shelly Caldwell
I purchased the meizitang soft gel here and i love them...i'm not hungry the whole day after taking one pill in the morning, i just want to drink water due to dry mouth but it is not a problem, the most importance is the weight is dropping lol

 by Jennifer Mitchell
I have had friends who have side effect of extreme dry mouth and sleeplessness, i have not so i guess it depends on the person, my experience is no appetite and dry mouth but water can help a lot

 by Janie Underwood
This is the first time i take meizitang, it is highly effective, i lost about 10 lbs in 3 weeks!

the pills are really amazing, I’m sure i would have lost the weight faster with exercises but for now the pills help a lot and i have already lose 8lbs in 3 weeks

It works great for me! by Tanya Patton
It works great for me! 12 pounds has lost in a month so I am back to order more!

Safe product by Rebecca Burns
One of the many good things about it is that, I was in no way uncomfortable when the urge to use the bathroom. And the pills curb my appetite so well, Like the pills so much as it is effective.

Do work by Verna Mitchell
I bought this product for the main purpose of slimming. It is potent and starts working in no time. Now I am 12 lbs lighter than a month ago, the effects is just visible.

worth recommendation by Geraldine Burns
My friends told me about this stuff so i purchased it to try, now i am convinced that it is effective, i was 63kgs before and 56kgs now in just a month without taking any exercises and except dry mouth, i didn't experience any side effects, it is really wonderful and worth recommendation

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